Friday, October 19, 2012

Love, Love, Love, Hate

I'm forced to follow my own stupid rules for novel writing so I can't go back to the manuscript today and write another 500 words or so. I already did my word count for today.

So... I'll post a little more here. has three new reviews for My Great-grandfather Turns 12 Today:

--I think everyone will love this book. I almost didn't get this book when it popped up as a freebie, thinking it was for young children and that it might be smarmy. After reading part of the first chapter I ordered it and am so glad I did. It was a great adventure story, also appealing due to the insight into what life was like long ago. I rarely give five stars. This book deserves them all. Fun, fast read for everyone.

--I loved this book. What a fabulous book for all children to read. A way to breach the generation gap. I wish my grandparents had been willing to share their stories.

--I read this just to see what types of books are being written for children. I loved it. I hope there are more authors doing this type of story. Makes me think about grandfather's, that I never met and their fathers before them. Makes me wish I knew more about them.

And here's one from a few months back that says Pope Bob was horrible:

--A book that requires a real Catholic knowledge base for many of its details, and apparently an AA familiarity and research, that is extremely repetititve as the main character deals with his alcoholism--over and over-- and test of faith. The ending is very abrupt, rather strained in its reality, and the whole concept of the world being without a pope for months/years without more of a miracle description of the curia and the ongoings in Rome is just a gigantic plot hole. I see where Bill Dodds won an international 3 day Novel contest...maybe if this was written in three days it would qualify. As for a Kindle book on line and for sale at $2.99, it was not worth it. Makes an Amazon reader wonder why they should select a Prime book for borrowing.
If you want to go back to a good Catholic read, go back to Black Patent Leather Shoes from the 60s. Hardly anything here about what makes a pope--especially the supposed first American Catholic pope. If it were a movie, it would last about 5 minutes! I am not that familiar with alcoholism, but this may reflect the process that "alkies" face; but the writing does little to make that struggle come alive.

One star!

Just keep writing.

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