Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ask the Novelist #3

Dear Bill,
Now that marijuana is legal in your state are you going to have a little . . . something . . . as you work on your book?
--A Fan Says "High"

Dear AFSH,
Chocolate and coffee. Dance with the one what brung you.


Dear Bill,
What do you think about MFA programs for writers?
--Still a Student

Dear SAS,
If it helps you become a better writer, that's great. If it's a stall tactic, might not be the best plan. In school or out, if you want to be a writer -- if you are a writer -- write. Daily.


Dear Bill,
Is it easier or harder to be a novelist now compared to forty years ago?
--Just a Kid

Dear JAK,
Yes! Easier because of computers and the Internet. Harder because there weren't as many of us all those years ago. Typing (you know, typing?, with a typewriter?) and then retyping discouraged a lot of would-be writers. And then there were trips to the library to go through card catalogs and reference shelves. (Ask your grandparents.)

Just keep writing.