Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two (Blush) Reviews

Two recent reviews of Pope Bob:

--Pope Bob is one of the most touching stories I have ever read. The author, Bill Dodds, is a fine story teller, a more than capable writer, and obviously, a man of faith. As I read the book, I clearly identified with the parts of self-destruction, of putting my faith on the back burner in order to "enjoy" life. As Bob hit his bottom, I was right there beside him. And when Father Pete showed up, I wanted to cheer. What a winner!
Thank you, Bill Dodds, for an incredible journey with your characters. I can't remember the last time I sobbed at the end of a book. A wonderful and worthy read.

--Kudos to Bill Dodds for writing this book. Pope Bob takes a nearly impossible to believe scenario--the secretly alcoholic first American Pope getting lost and waking up on skid row--and makes it plausible. But really this book is about redemption, hope, addiction, friendship, love, and surrender, with quite a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. This is a beautiful book, with a universal message of the human condition and the struggles we each face as we navigate our lives and face our fears and our weaknesses. The dialogue was crisp and believable, the characters likable and very human. I smiled a lot while reading this book, and as I read the last page I was left with a feeling of warmth, very glad Pope Bob had come my way.

Thank you "Kufans4ever" and Jim Brumm.

As Goofy would say to Mickey: "Garsh."

Just keep writing.

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