Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Encouraging or Discouraging

I have some encouraging, or discouraging, words for you as you continue to write your book.

Longtime authors, such as myself, still hit some tough spots as we work on our books. I'm fast approaching the point where I'm sure "this is the dumbest idea for a novel I've ever had." (Really, Bill? Dumber than an alcoholic pope ending up on Skid Road? What were you thinking?) Fortunately (?), I've been there many times before and will just keep writing.

As you work at your writing skills (by writing) some things do get easier. And some, I suspect, never will.

But after you've written a book or two, and so you know you can write a book or two, it's less likely the tough spots will make you quit.

Don't quit.

Just keep writing.

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