Thursday, January 5, 2012

Practicing What I Preach

"The World's Funniest Atheist" is available on Kindle.

I think you should go buy a copy right now. Seriously. Then come back and continue reading this. I can wait. Go head. I'll be here...

...I wrote it using the "Nine Week" method but my daily word count was a little higher and I wrote for a bit more than 54 days so I ended up with a slightly bigger novel. (It's just under 50,000 words.) The first draft took about 80 days of writing at one chapter per day. Most weeks I took my one day off and there were some stretches where I couldn't get back to the manuscript for several days.

The daily word count was low enough that I knew it wouldn't seem overwhelming but, of course, I also knew I needed to quit when I finished that chapter and not keep going on some kind of "writer's high." (Endorphins!) However, as Willie and I advised, I jotted down some notes for the next chapter or wrote a couple of lines into it. That was one reason I didn't dread coming back to the manuscript each day.

I say all this so you'll buy my books... No, wait. I say all this so you'll know I practice what I preach. When it comes to novel writing anyway.

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  1. I have read you book and it is a nice read. It didn't ring true that anyone could completely forget that they had received Holy Communion and had been Confirmed or that they were totally unaware that they had been a Catholic. Rejected Catholicism I can believe but forgotten Catholicism that was a bit of a stretch.

    The Cannoli priest seemed like a great bloke but his disrespect for the Eucharist made me wince. He and Paul and his father seemed to equate eating the cannoli (immediately after receiving Christ) with receiving Holy Communion.

    I liked the ending.