Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Back to Your Book

It's great when a book comes together day after day with few interruptions. But that's the exception. Most of the time, with most books, there are starts and stops, and even some long intervals between periods of writing.

No matter how you complete your book, completing your book brings a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Yes, the "journey" is part of all of this but arriving at the destination is pretty sweet.

If you're moving right along, day after day, good for you!

If you're in in the middle of a brief break, for whatever reason, that's okay. Your manuscript will wait for you. And while it doesn't offer you unconditional love, it doesn't ever blame you either. ("Where have you been!") We writers tend to do that to ourselves. Maybe some guilt is deserved. Often, not as much as we heap on our own shoulders.

And if it has been a long, long time since you've worked on your novel, pick it up, dust if off, read through it, and continue. If that's your decision. Or review it and then shelve it with other writing lessons and move on to a new book. The one you really want to do now. Your book.

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